Day 6

Unlike the other night last night, I couldn’t force myself to sleep. But just like those first 5 nights, you are still persistent in my head.

I dragged myself to read, just like  I used to do. This time, I started reading ‘The Alchemyst’, but there were lucid moments that I realized I have stopped reading because I am thinking of you again and I miss you… Madly…

So I immediately got up and went to feed our new flowerhorn, Buchiki Jr. Watching fish while it swims is an effective destresser. While I was feeding him, I suddenly remembered if you are taking your vitamins religiously. I hope you are. I told you many times before that you need it and it is for your own good.

So much about trying to get over you. But then, I know it is for the best. So I just tell myself to just go on. This is just part of what they call in psychology, desynthesization process.

So I will just wait for the day that I will stop doing silly things like this. Until finally I stop thinking about you. For now, please just bear with me and my being KSP (kulang sa pansin). What can I do? Miss kita e.


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