Day 7

It was Friday yesterday, Day6, I resolved to myself that it was going to be a “feel good Friday” for me.

I donned on my new top which makes me feel a little sexier than my usual self. I had cologne which I don’t normally wear but that made me feel good a little bit. I tried to make myself happy and upbeat in the office the whole day.

Later after work, I watched movie, Bride for Rent, with my office sisies Julie and Jen and Ian. The movie is good and it made me cry but mostly I was smiling and kilig the whole time.

But that made my feel good Friday a disaster. I missed you more. The main man, Rocco, made me think of you because like him, you are ‘chinito’ (chinky eyed) too.

So I texted you that I miss you. I even tried to call you up. But you did not bother. Shocks! So what that leaves me now? I am crying sorely again. I want to hate you but what I hate is this  “stuck-on-you” feeling.

Please get out of my system now. I want a peaceful life.

But I want you still…


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