Day 10

I have been trying to make myself busy. It’s a struggle really. But at least, although the thoughts of you fill my mind almost all the time, the pain albeit still there is not piercing like the first days.

Yes, I am getting there. Yes, I still miss you. Yes, I am determined to move on. But yes, my heart still wants you so bad.

Yes, I am confused. Yes, it is you still…


Day 9

So what now?

I have no work today and as usual, it’s been you in my head the whole day and it’s going to be you before I fall asleep.

I am getting tired thinking of you. So please… Please… Get out of my head. Get out of my system.

It is so ironic that you are out of my life and yet like a persistent mosquito, you have been jingling around my ears. Insisting. Persisting. If only I could just crush you between my fingers! Oh! How I would love that!!!


Day 8

I used to advise my broken hearted friends that it is okay to cry as long as they want. They should just enjoy the pain because it will eventually go away. Nobody dies of a broken heart unless one is mentally ill or psychologically imbalance. That everything is just a phase that they have to experience.

How easy those words to say when you are not on the said situation. I am telling myself that same advise but what I really want to do is wallow in this pain I am feeling and hope that you will later realize that you made a mistake for letting me go that easy.

This morning during the mass, I prayed to have you back in my life.  Yes, I asked Him that Thy will be done but deepest in me pleaded to Him to please please let me be truly happy and that is to be with you again.

How pathetic. I am so pathetic. I have become one of those many women who try to find happiness in other people, in my case, in you.

This is all wrong.

I don’t want to feel this feeling again. I had been through this for the third time. I used to tell myself that I will never allow myself to feel this way again because it is so painful that I feel couldn’t be happy ever again. I felt I was jaded already.

But here I go again as if didn’t learn my lesson before.

Why is it so easy to fall in love and yet it is so hard to let go and move on? Being in love is such a wonderful feeling that I can’t blame myself why I chose to be gullible and took the risk.

What do other women have that I don’t because I honestly believe that I can be a very good wife and partner to a man, if he will only allow me and love me. There must be something wrong with me! I know many will tell me that it is not my fault that you didn’t see my worth. But heck!!!! Then why? Then what is wrong!???

There are lucid moments that I am certain that I am getting there. I am getting over you but I have to admit that I am stalling. Because I don’t want to forget the feeling of being in love. Somehow I don’t want to be jaded.

But really… I still want you back.


Day 7

It was Friday yesterday, Day6, I resolved to myself that it was going to be a “feel good Friday” for me.

I donned on my new top which makes me feel a little sexier than my usual self. I had cologne which I don’t normally wear but that made me feel good a little bit. I tried to make myself happy and upbeat in the office the whole day.

Later after work, I watched movie, Bride for Rent, with my office sisies Julie and Jen and Ian. The movie is good and it made me cry but mostly I was smiling and kilig the whole time.

But that made my feel good Friday a disaster. I missed you more. The main man, Rocco, made me think of you because like him, you are ‘chinito’ (chinky eyed) too.

So I texted you that I miss you. I even tried to call you up. But you did not bother. Shocks! So what that leaves me now? I am crying sorely again. I want to hate you but what I hate is this  “stuck-on-you” feeling.

Please get out of my system now. I want a peaceful life.

But I want you still…


Day 6

Unlike the other night last night, I couldn’t force myself to sleep. But just like those first 5 nights, you are still persistent in my head.

I dragged myself to read, just like  I used to do. This time, I started reading ‘The Alchemyst’, but there were lucid moments that I realized I have stopped reading because I am thinking of you again and I miss you… Madly…

So I immediately got up and went to feed our new flowerhorn, Buchiki Jr. Watching fish while it swims is an effective destresser. While I was feeding him, I suddenly remembered if you are taking your vitamins religiously. I hope you are. I told you many times before that you need it and it is for your own good.

So much about trying to get over you. But then, I know it is for the best. So I just tell myself to just go on. This is just part of what they call in psychology, desynthesization process.

So I will just wait for the day that I will stop doing silly things like this. Until finally I stop thinking about you. For now, please just bear with me and my being KSP (kulang sa pansin). What can I do? Miss kita e.


Day 3.

I can’t help to count the days that I survived not to text or call you. Today is the third day! Congratulations to me!

But damn! I can’t help to count too, that it has been 3 days and you do not bother to remember me at all. I can’t stop myself from wondering if you miss me too, even just a little bit of what I am feeling?

I feel that my resolve is starting to get weak. Damn! Damn! Damn! I miss you! I miss you so bad…

On being Dumped or Getting Away

So it happened again. I was dumped. I am dumped… Just like that. Like I was nothing. Like I am nothing.

Does he even know how I am hurting now? Or does he even think if I am hurting now? Or does he have any idea how bad I am hurting now? Sure, he doesn’t give a damn.

It is pointless now to know the whys or where did I go wrong? Or better yet, it is pointless to say that I should have known better. It just doesn’t work, really.

It’s a flaw that I gave in to my yearning to be happy and be loved and be in love, just like everybody else. All I want was  romance and be “normal”. I had rather take the risk than wait for a true love to fall on my lap. So I took risk and I failed.

What lesson did I get? The same lesson I learned before… That it is better be jaded than sorry. But, oh well, like in the past, I will move on.

I would like to think that I was not dumped. In fact, I’m the one who got away.